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Engage + Impact Initiative

This is our frontline outreach program, the primary way we engage individuals and families that are unhoused or living in low-income areas. We provide hot food intentionally prepared with nutrition and wellness in mind. We have added a new focus on basic wound care. Our staff of volunteers have been trained by physicians and nursing care providers to perform basic wound care through this initiative. We also provide kits for wound care, along with information about how to prevent and treat basic wounds.

Unhoused and homeless outreach in Philadelphia
Food assistance program in Philadelphia

Cultivate: Mobile Food Pantry

Our mobile food pantry makes monthly deliveries of shelf-stable and perishable foods to residents of communities struggling with food insecurity. Volunteers pre-pack grocery bags full of healthy foods based on the specific needs of each household. These packages contain meat, dairy, fruits and veggies, bread, and ingredients for simple meals. Personal care items like soap or laundry detergent are included when available. Packages are free of charge and delivered directly to each household’s front door. If interested, please complete our Referral Form.

Food Assistance

Interested in volunteering with us? Complete our Volunteer Sign Up Form or Contact us.

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