INSPIRE: Group Mentoring

We believe in the power of creating quality mentoring relationships with the youth of our community.  Group sessions are open to young men and women ages 12 to 18 years old.  Participants learn how to become heroes in their own lives through sessions centered on discovering who you are, the importance of believing in yourself, dealing with bullying/negativity, and how to be a hero in the community.

The Noble Warrior

The Noble Warrior is a martial arts based program that  engages young men, ages 10-15 years old, to help them learn how to lead healthy lives by focusing on 3 main points: dealing with anxiety, overcoming "can't", and conflict resolution/violence prevention.  By exposing the participants to the fundamental concepts of different martial arts techniques, we are able to teach focus, balance, strength, self-control, respect, integrity, and perseverance.  Students are also provided with one on one mentoring sessions with the Program Director, and Life Skills workshops​.

Martial arts youth mentoring program in Philadelphia

CONNECT: 1 to 1 Mentoring

Our 1 to 1 mentoring program creates and sustains relationships between trusted and supportive adult volunteer mentors and youth between the ages of 10 - 18. This relationship exposes youth to new opportunities for learning and growth in areas of positive youth development, academic achievement, health and wellness, and critical skills for future self-sufficiency.

For a full description of a Connect Mentor, click here.

Dinner with The Plug

Dinner with The Plug The Series is a space created to bring a mentally stimulating and culinary enriching experience together for the benefit of the residents at Youth Emergency Services. We invite restaurants and catering companies to prepare delicious meals for each session in order to expand the residents' taste buds while they interact with and learn from some incredible speakers.

Youth mentoring in Philadelphia