Be a hero. Buy a Shirt.

(Or buy a shirt for a hero!)

T-shirts are $25 and hoodies are $35. Merch sales help us to continue offering free programs and services. Items can be purchased through our website by sending us a message.

Inspire: The IE stands for I'm Enough

We aim to inspire others to believe in themselves and in the power that they possess. The ability to change the world, start a movement, serve your community, or help your neighbor is already inside you. You are enough.

Clothing that supports community service

Impact: The world is waiting...

The world is waiting on you. Don't be content with what you see is wrong with the world. Help change the narrative, collaborative on solutions, make a difference, etc. We all need your impact.

Clothing that supports youth mentoring

Inspire: Ordinarie Heroes

Be your own unique self. Ordinarie, heroic, and everything in between. Don't forget to root for yourself and remember you are the greatest gift you can give the world.

Clothing that supports food assistance
Clothing that supports community service

Engage: Names over labels

Engagement is our greatest superpower. For us it's about names rather than labels, partnership rather than community service, and quality of connections rather than doing a ton of events. Transform the world around you by engaging the people in it.

Ordinarie is Dope.

It isn't about the latest fashion trend or starting a clothing line. This is statement clothing. This hoodie says you are beautiful, brilliant, and dope... because you are!

Clothing that supports community work