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About Us
Ordinarie Heroes is more than a nonprofit organization. The IE in our name stands for I’m Enough because we are a community of volunteers that believes ‘ordinary’ people can create real change.  Whether it's sharing career and college prep opportunities with youth, or engagement events with individuals and families experiencing homelessness, or one of our mentoring programs, we are committed to proving that heroes don't need capes, masks, or super powers… they just need to be willing to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities, quality community engagement, and creative youth mentoring programs for unhoused and low income communities.

Our Groundwork

Creating action. Giving an example.

Creating relationships. Giving time.

Creating change. Giving resources.

Our Commitments

We acknowledge and respect the equality and value of all human beings

We strive to create change through bold creativity and openness to new ideas

We seek and embrace partnership with those we serve and work with.

We intend to be unapologetically us. You be you.

Be Present
We strive to be mindful in each moment, intentional in enjoying our work, and aware of how we impact our surroundings.

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