Tutoring, career readiness, and college prep in Philadelphia


Pathways supports individuals, ages 15-24, by partnering them with coaches to help them achieve educational, career, and personal goals. Below are some of the resources provided by the Pathways program.

Educational Pathway.

The College Prep pathway prepares participants to pursue their college or trade school goals. Services include:

  • Admissions Counseling

  • FAFSA completion assistance

  • Understanding Financial Aid

  • Scholarship searches

  • And more

A member of the team walks with and mentors participants from their first year of college until graduation.

GED support is also available under our educational services.


Career Pathway.

Career Readiness puts participants on the track to applying for and obtaining a job. Resources include



It also provides opportunities for networking as well as gives tools to help be successful in the workplace.

Our Hands On Learning experience is for those individuals that don't want to try traditional education right away. Participants gain both real life experience and business knowledge on a variety of skills including photography, barbering, phone repair, and more.

  • Building a Resume and Cover Letter

  • Typing and Computer Skills

  • Interview Skills

  • Opportunities for Internships

  • And more


Our workshops and presentations are specifically designed to equip participants with resources and tools needed to achieve their goals. Topics range from financial literacy, conflict resolution, mental and emotional health, and more.