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1 out of 3 young people will grow up without a mentor. We don't like those numbers so we invite you to work with our young people in group sessions as well as one on one relationships. Becoming a mentor means you are providing stability, support, and a positive role model in a young person's life. Help build better communities by helping to change young lives. You will find that your life is changed as well.


It's simple. We wouldn't exist without our volunteers. Without people like you giving their time and talents we couldn't do all the amazing work we've done. Whether helping to deliver food assistance to low income communities or serving residents at a local shelter or helping with the administrative side, our volunteers are the engines that keep us going. Superheroes don't change the world. YOU do!

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If you'd like to directly support our work please consider purchasing items that are essential to our homeless outreach. Your purchase will be shipped directly to us and allow us to continue to support those in need.

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We understand everyone doesn't have the time to volunteer but can you click a button in support of us? We are on several social media platforms and would love if you could like, follow, and share so that others can see what we're doing.


Did you know that 100% of our programs are free to the community? No matter what it is, from a monetary donation to art supplies to cases of water, every donation helps us inspire, mentor, and engage under-resourced communities. We invite you to join the fun and donate today.


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