Ordinary doesn't mean average...

Ordinarie Heroes is more than a nonprofit organization. It is a community of volunteers that believes ordinary, everyday people can make a difference in the community.  To us, the word Ordinarie isn’t a statement about being average or mediocre but rather a declaration that says, “I'm enough!”

That's why we spell our name differently. The IE stands for I'm Enough!


We believe everyone can be a force for positive change and we promote that belief through youth mentoring, community engagement, and intentionally working to inspire others to join the movement.  Whether it's sharing career and college prep opportunities with youth, or engagement events with individuals and families experiencing homelessness, or one of our various mentoring programs, we are committed to showing just how heroic people can be when they work together.


Heroes don't need capes or masks or super powers… they just need to be willing to make a difference in the lives of others.